Sunday, April 10, 2016

yodrak salakchai: non khon dieow

artist: ยอดรัก สลักใจ (yodrak salakchai)
album: นอนคนเดียว (non khon dieow)
01. นอนคนเดียว (non khon dieow)
02. ไม่อยากจะมอง (mai yak cha mong)
03. คนใจน้อย (khon chai noi)
04. แคชเชียร์ที่รัก (cashier thi rak)
05. คนเห็นแก่เงิน (khon hen kae ngoen)
06. นอนคนเดียว [ดนตรี] (non khon dieow [instrumental])
07. ไม่อยากจะมอง [ดนตรี] (mai yak cha mong [instrumental])
08. สำนึกสุดท้าย (samnuek sut thai)
09. เธอมีแฟนใหม่ (thoe mi faen mai)
10. ถ่านนอกเตา (than nok tao)
11. ทหารก็มีหัวใจ (thahan ko mi hua chai)
12. นักจัดรายการ (nak chat rai kan)
13. สำนึกสุดท้าย [ดนตรี] (samnuek sut thai [instrumental])
14. คนใจน้อย [ดนตรี] (khon chai noi [instrumental])

this week, another great cassette from the late police corporal yodrak salakchai! yodrak was from phichit in northern thailand, the youngest of 8 kids. after losing his father at age 7, yodrak & his siblings started singing ramwong music in local bars to help support themselves and their mother, earning enough to finance their schooling. after high school, yodrak himself moved down to nakhon sawan for a steady gig at a restaurant. here he started in with luk thung style (particularly the songs of phraiwan lukphet) and was picked up by a local radio dj, who passed him onto impresario chonlathi thanthong. under chonlathi, he came to be one of the biggest names in luk thung, from the late 70s until his untimely passing in 2008. while this cassette is a bit heavier on the ballads than others of his i've posted, fans of the thai disco sound should still find some enjoyment! and if you're into the syrupy luk thung ballad, of course, this has you written all over it. enjoy!


Hyde said...

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Dennis said...

Love it! Thanks

Unknown said...

I just discovered your blog and was hoping you could reupload this album? I enjoy what I heard in the soundcloud preview and would like to hear the rest of the album. Thanks in advance.

chief super delay said...

please re-upload this great album

Anonymous said...

please reupload