Friday, February 5, 2016

khana dok mai pa: thui chai dam

artist: คณะ ดอกไม้ป่า (khana dok mai pa)
album: ทุยใจดำ (thui chai dam)
01. ทุยใจดำ (thui chai dam)
02. สิ้นเยื่อขาดใย (sin yuea khat yai)
03. ชมไพรในฝัน (chom phrai nai fan)
04. รักร้าง (rak rang)
05. ฝน (fon)
06. เมื่อวานนี้ (muea wan ni)
07. ช้ำ (cham)
08. รักยามรวย (rak yam ruai)
09. ชื่นชมสมรัก (chuen chom som rak)
10. เต็มใจรัก (tem chai rak)

back this week with some bangkok pop-rock from the jungle-flower group! dok mai pa is chothima chuangwit (daughter of suntharaphon's chawali chuangwit) & pattama monrangsi, a female singing duo put together by montri phonphanthin to build off the fame of the renowned hot pepper singers. this cassette, dating from 1982, is their first, and seems to consist mostly of thai copy-songs of chinese hits. unfortunately, it seems this poor old tape got a bit demagnetized at some point, though only the first track seems to be affected severely. it's the biggest single, but hey, what can you do? enjoy the rest!



Paul K said...

Thanks again. some pretty songs there. Seems this has the same album ...

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much, but pCloud EVERYTIME says:

"Access to this file is limited due to high downloading traffic.
The content of this link is available only for pCloud users at the moment."

peter said...

new link up now, anonymous.. thanks!

Erich Fromm said...

Hello Peter!
Thanks for all your work. It is much appreciated!
With best regards from Bremen (Germany).
-Anonymous ;]

Unknown said...

Wonderful! Any chance you could liven up the link to this one again, Peter? Would love to hear it in full.

Anonymous said...

This is really amazing! Thank you a lot!