Saturday, March 7, 2015

banyen rakkaen: lam phon sawan chak banyen

artist: บานเย็น รากแก่น (banyen rakkaen)
album: ลำพรสวรรค์จากบานเย็น (lam phon sawan chak banyen)
01. ลำพรสวรรค์จากบานเย็น (lam phon sawan chak banyen)
02. ลำภูไทอาลัยชายแดน (lam phu thau alai chai daen)
03. ลำตังหวายเกี้ยวโฆษก (lam tang wai kieow khosok)
04. บานเย็นเซิ้งบ้องไฟ (banyen soeng bong fai)
05. สาละวันบานเย็น (salawan banyen)
06. ลำตังหวายเกี้ยวผะหยา (lam tang wai kieow phaya)
07. ลำตังหวายเห็นใจแท็กซี่ (lam tang wai hen chai taxi)
08. ลำเพลินแก้มเปินเวิน (lam phloen kaem poen woen)
09. ลำเพลินบอกฮักที่ตา (lam phloen bok hak thi ta)
10. ลำเพลินฮักอ้ายหลายใจ (lam phloen hak ai lai chai)
11. ลำเพลินสวรรค์บ้านนา (lam phloen sawan ban na)
12. ลำเพลินสาวนาคอยคู่ (lam phloen sao na khoi khu)
13. ลำเพลินเมืองพอบ่อมี (lam phloen mueang pho bo mi)
14. ลำเพลินสารพัดเต้ย (lam phloen saraphat toei)

apologies for posting so infrequently these days! i finally got something together for everyone today, featuring none other than the "queen of modern luk thung-molam", banyen rakkaen! a native of ubon ratchathani, banyen joined her first molam troupe after 4th grade and was performing lam by age 14. she spent some time in thongkham phaengdi's retinue, before founding her own group at 18! this cassette features some excellent early recordings of her lam phon sawan (don sawan?), lam tang wai, lam phloen & more! there are a few areas of damaged tape, but the rest of the album sounds great.. enjoy!!



Timmy said...

Most excellent! Thanx.............

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your wonderful blog! I hope that you will update it more often so that we can enjoy the magic of luk thung... It's a shame that it's not possible to download the albums that you posted earlier.

peter said...

hi anonymous! if there's an old post you'd like to hear and it's missing, please leave a comment and i will try to get to it, if i have the mp3s (and the time!) available.. thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Peter, I'm interested in albums by phimpa phonsiri, mai waenthip & phumphuang duangchan. I don't have a specific request, but if you would like to post any of their albums, I'd be thankful!

Anonymous said...

By the way, I have a questions that might sound strange to thai speakers... Are there any difficulties with singing in thai? I mean, I've heard that there are fixed tones that determine the meaning of words, if I'm not wrong. Isn't that an obstacle that affects the intonation in singing?

peter said...

thanks anonymous! i will try to get to those albums for you.

as for the tones, it's a very good question. here's an excerpt from a paper by james mitchell that deals with it:

"Thai speech has a melodic (pitch and rhythm) contour of its own and the degree to which the speech melody and song melody match may be seen as a mark of authenticity by Thai listeners. Several authors have discussed the very high level of correspondence found in Thai classical music, notably Yoko Tanese-Ito (1988) and most recently, Dusadee Swangviboonpong (2003) and Vicki-Ann Ware (2006). An older study by George List is pertinent to this article because it includes an example of pleeng Thai saagon, the forerunner of luuk tung. List found that, as the imitation of western styles spread throughout the culture, coordination of register tones (low, medium, high) with musical contours tended to diminish but that contour tones (rising, falling) strongly influenced the melodic line. A more recent study by Saurman examines the correlation between linguistic tone and melodic settings in several central Thai musical genres, ranging from traditional and classical through to Thai pop songs and found that the more the pitches move with the tones, the more clarity there is in understanding a new song's textual meaning' (1996: 5)."

so, in essence, the tones aren't essential but do aid comprehension, and correct tone usage by singers might be seen by some listeners as a mark of authenticity. this makes sense given my experience, since my tones in spoken thai have never been very good, but i can still be understood in most cases (though i feel bad making people work extra hard!)

hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for such a good answer, Peter, that explains a lot! Greetings from Russia to all luk thung/molam fans around the world!