Tuesday, December 2, 2014

sathit thongchan: rak thae khue mae phom

artist: สาธิต ทองจันทร์ (sathit thongchan)
album: รักแท้คือแม่ผม (rak thae khue mae phom)
01. แด่แฟนสาธิต (khae faen sathit)
02. สงสารดาวโรย (songsan dao roi)
03. รักแท้คือแม่ผม (rak thae khue mae phom)
04. รักร้าวคราวฝนจาง (rak rao khrao fon chang)
05. ดอกฟ้ากับหมาวัด (dok fa kap ma wat)
06. เอื้นน้องคืนทุ่ง (uean nong khuen thung)
07. บ่สายเกินแก้ (bo sai koen kae)
08. บ่แข่งวาสนา (bo khaeng watsana)
09. หลอกตัวเอง (lok tua eng)
10. ตามใจเถิดน้อง (tam chai thoet nong)

wow! sorry for such a delay, i've been quite wrapped up in other things. anyhow, we're back this week with mr. sathit thongchan! a member of the late khamkoeng thongchan's thongchan promotions, famous for his trademark dark sunglasses (adopted after this album, unfortunately).. according to luk thung historian jenpop jobkrabuanwan, the reason for them is that his eyes are too sweet and he wanted to be judged by his singing, not his visage. in fact, he's famous neither for his looks or his remarkable singing, but the unique expressiveness of his voice on its own.. in an interview, he says the glasses are for when he goes home to work in the ricefields! enjoy!


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Samcha said...

Jenpop's explanation is surely true.