Wednesday, May 28, 2014

snaeh chlong veha / rak kham khop fa

this week's post comes courtesy of the wonderful folks at the cambodian vintage music archive! they collect & share songs from the "golden era" of khmer popular music (1950s-1970s), across a number of online platforms.. follow their facebook page for all their latest uploads

artist(s): ឌី សាវ៉េត & ស៊ីន ស៊ីសាមុត (dy saveth & sinn sisamouth)
album: ស្នេហ៍ឆ្លងវេហាស៍ / รักข้ามขอบฟ้า (snaeh chlong veha / rak kham khop fa)
01. ស្នេហ៍ឆ្លងវេហាស៍ (snaeh chlong veha)
02. รักข้ามขอบฟ้า (rak kham khop fa)

today's post highlights a rare & beautiful collaboration; the 1971 khmer-thai film snaeh chlong vaeha / rak kham khop fa. directed by thai national artist s. asanachinda for asia films, it starred sombat methani & aranya namwong of thailand with their cambodian counterparts chea yuthon & dy saveth in a tale of star-cross'd lovers. the soundtrack, although bilingual, was sung entirely by cambodian singers; leading lady dy saveth took a turn on vocals, as well as legendary stars sinn sisamouth & ros sereysothea. this 45 features the former two in a duet over the title theme, first in khmer then in thai.



Gary said...

Thank you, Peter -- can't wait to hear this one!

CD said...

Thank you for this post! These songs mean a great deal to me. I love Sisamouth singing in Thai. His voice is truly a treasure to hear in any language.

Edouard said...

So short but so nice !

Holly said...

Many thanks, Peter!