Sunday, April 20, 2014

sri krung brass

artist: ศรีกรุงบราส (sri krung brass)
album: บรรเลงศรีกรุง (banleng sri krung)
01. ตลุงปีใหม่ (talung pi mai)
02. ตลุงพระมะเหลเถไถ (talung phramale the thai)
03. ตลุงเฝ้าคอย (talung fao khoi)
04. ตลุงชาวทะเล (talung chao thale)
05. ตลุงสุดมือคว้า (talung sut mue khwa)
06. ตลุงเมา (talung mao)
07. ตลุงไม่เคยรัก (talung mai khoei rak)
08. ตลุงชีวิตชื่น (talung chiwit chuen)
09. ตลุงคู่ชื่น (talung khu chuen)
10. ตลุงเริงสุข (talung roeng suk)
11. ตลุงสงกรานต์ (talung songkran)
12. หาดกับฟ้า (hat kap fa)
13. สวรรค์ในตา (sawan nai ta)
14. รักมีกรรม (rak mi kam)
15. อาวรณ์รัก (awon rak)
16. ไฟสวาท (fai sawat)
17. พบกันทางใจ (phop kan thang chai)
18. นวลละออ (nuan la'o)
19. หนึ่งในฝัน (nueng nai fan)
20. ช้ำเพราะรัก (cham phro rak)
21. ชื่นรัก (chuen rak)

back this week after holiday travels, we've got a great old tape of big band instrumentals! from what i can piece together about their history, the sri krung brass were established by narot thawonbut in 1935 as the house band for sri krung sound film studio to provide incidental music to the films the studio produced. when public relations dept. band veteran saman kanchanaphalin took the helm decades later, the group became an outlet for his experiments in "modified thai classical music". on this cassette, however, what you have is your favorite thai pop melodies and percussive, folk-style talung numbers filtered through a herb albert sort of vibe. pretty nice stuff, enjoy!



Holly said...

Very nice, Peter, thank you!

Do you have any idea re date)s)?

peter said...

hi holly!
unfortunately, like with much of the material here, i could only guess at a date for this.. sri krung sound film studio produced films roughly from 1932-1942, with a brief revival in 1971-2.. maybe this came during that latter period? the sound is about right. but on the other hand, i have no idea if or to what extent the fortunes of the band were tied to that of the film productions. in fact, even through the decades when they weren't making films, sri krung still let their studio out to recording artists. so it's a mystery to me! maybe some other reader will have the information :)

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