Sunday, March 2, 2014

sangwannoi daonuea & phatchari kaewsadet

artist: สังวาลย์น้อย ดาวเหนือ + พัชรี แก้วเสด็จ (sangwannoi daonuea & phatchari kaewsadet)
album: ซิ่ง.. มันส์ถึงใจ (sing.. man thueng chai)
01. ซิ่ง.. มันส์ถึงใจ ตอน 1 (sing.. man thueng chai, pt. 1)
02. ซิ่ง.. มันส์ถึงใจ ตอน 2 (sing.. man thueng chai, pt. 2)

this week, some great early lam sing from sangwannoi & phatchari! there's not much info about our singers online, but it seems like they started their partnership around 1993, recording for the fanastic ratchabut stereo label out of ubon ratchathani. the timeline's not exactly clear, but i'm guessing they were in the first wave of lam sing, the quick-moving style which combined local molam's khaen & vocal performance with an international rock-combo backing. this is a great old recording, lots of energy and improvisation. enjoy!


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