Tuesday, November 26, 2013

khana orot arab: lamtat chiwit

artist: คณะ โอรสอาหรับ (khana orot arab)
album: ลำตัดชีวิต (lamtat chiwit)
01. ออกแขกแบบภารตะ (ok khaek baep bharata)
02. สองไม้ชีวิต (song mai chiwit)
03. ผู้วิเศษ (phu wiset)
04. ตลกน้ำขึ้นน้ำลง (talok nam khuen nam long)
05. ลำตัดชีวิตออกลิเก (lamtat chiwit ok like)
06. ลำตัดทำนองสากล (lamtat tham nong sakon)
07. อีแซว ชายหญิง (isaeo chai ying)

this week, some fantastic central thai muslim music! a number of musical styles associated with central thailand (liké, lamtat, etc.) have their origins in malay artforms, though they have long been integrated into the majority buddhist culture. there are, however, still a handful of muslim practitioners.. including today's star of voice & violin, mr. orot arab! i'm not sure where the group is from originally, but i believe they've been based in bangkok for some time. this cassette was produced by yanavy sound (note their classic mosque & crescent logo) which, as we're told us on the recording, is located behind the old phra khanong rama theatre off sukhumvit road. sad to say, last i heard mr. orot arab was comatose in minburi hospital¹.. if anyone knows how he's doing please fill us in.


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rubén alonso said...

Hello, first of all, Thanks!! for the wonderful music you share in your blog
Thanks to your work I have discovered and enjoyed fantastic albums

i've been developing a new project in the last year and i would like to share it
because it would be impossible without the work that you do

have a happy new year and please... keep doing your marvelous work!! :)