Monday, August 5, 2013

kammachon, vol. 1

artist: กรรมาชน (kammachon)
album: กรรมาชน ชุดที่ 1 (kammachon, vol. 1)
01. กรรมาชน (kammachon)
02. คนกับควาย (khon kap khwai)
03. ชาวนารำพึง (chao na ramphueng)
04. แสง (saeng)
05. กูจะปฏิวัติ (ku cha patiwat)
06. จิตร ภูมิศักดิ์ (chit phumisak)
07. นกสีเหลือง (nok si lueang)
08. เพื่อมวลชน (phuea muan chon)
09. โลกที่ 3 (lok thi 3)
10. เลือดทาแผ่นดิน (lueat tha phaen din)
11. ฆาตกร (khatthakon)
12. เปิบข้าว (poep khao)
13. มาร์ชประชาชนเดิน (march prachachon doen)
14. สู้ไม่ถอย (su mai thoi)
15. เจ้าพระยา (chao phraya)
16. ข้าวคอยฝน (khao khoi fon)

this week, an incredible tape of thai protest song! founded by kunsak rueangkhongkiat (jin) & a group of student activists from mahidol university around the time of the 14 october 1973 uprising, the kammachon band put out only 3 albums in as many years. frontman jin, however, has been performing solo ever since (he plays a pharmacist by day)¹. what's most remarkable about jin, though, is that he's one of the only phuea chiwit performers to actively support the red shirt movement.. the genre for the most part is very "yellow". but on to the music; although many of the songs on here are composed by phuea chiwit progenitors caravan, kammachon have a unique approach all their own, adding layers of psychedelia and even luk thung influences to the standards. on top of this, the band possess a rare intensity; they really sound like the young upstarts they were.. jin's endearingly untrained vocals with an equally shambolic, energetic band behind him. absolute classic.. enjoy!



Gary said...

The awesomeness is almost too much to bear. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thank you a lot!

Holly said...

This is simply superb. Thank you!

Unknown said...

can't wait to give this a listen. That clip is punk as fuck, though! wow!

Sofi said...

Re-upload pleeease..? I'd love to hear it in it's entirety.

peter said...

new link is up now!

Unknown said...

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khepa markhno said...

Any chance you could re post this? it would be greatly appreciated

khepa said...


khepa said...

Please,still waitingg. I had this tape nearly 30 years ago, but it broke. You are my only hope

peter said...

hi khepa!
apologies for the delay, and thanks for the reminders; new link is up now!

khepa markhno said...

Yes! My perseverance paid off. Thank you!
Now, any chance of volume 2?