Saturday, May 11, 2013

kritsana bunsaen & khana dong noi phatthana

artist(s): กฤษณา บุญแสน + คณะดงน้อยพัฒนา (kritsana bunsaen & khana dong noi phatthana)
album: มูลมังอีสาน 1 (mun mang isan 1)
01. เซิ่งตำนานบั้งไฟ (soeng tam nan bang fai)
02. ซิ่งกลองยาว 1 (sing klong yao 1)

unless you're in yasothon right now, you are (like me) missing this year's rocket festival! one of northeast thailand's biggest draws for tourists both domestic and foreign, the rocket festival (bun bang fai) is a celebration of all things phallic. one of several throughout isan & laos, yasothon's festival takes place over 3 days in mid may, filled with music & dancing, parades, drinking, cross-dressing & bottle rockets. our group on this recording plays sings the legend of the bang fai festival in a slightly more old-fashioned style than you're likely to hear at the festival.  backed mostly by drum & chorus, mae kritsana (currently a teacher at the roi et college of dramatic arts) gives a call & response telling of the story in a slow soeng dance rhythm. things pick up on side 2, though, for a phin & long drum sing. lots of fun to be had here, enjoy!


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