Monday, March 18, 2013

soliha wangkasem & mohamad yamal yusef with the k.t. band

artist(s): ซอลีฮะห์ หวังเกษม + ยามาล แซะห์ยูซุฟ (soliha wangkasem & mohamad yamal yusef with the k.t. band)
album: เลลา-เลลา (lela-lela)
01. บียะห์ (biah)
02. เลลา-เลลา (lela-lela)
03. อานาคอยิฟ (ana-qouif)
04. อุลลี-อุลลี (ulli-ulli)
05. ซิครอน อีลา (sikron ila)

this week, superb arab-malay grooves from the k.t. band!  there's no info to be found about this band or either of our 2 singers.. i can't even say for sure where they're from (although this cassette came out on bangkok-based yanavy records).  what i can tell you is that they have a great take on classic arabic songs.  melodies from the middle east treated to swinging rock'n'roll rhythms complete with hand-claps, surf guitar & synthesizer.  i'm really enjoying this one, hope you do too!



musique said...

Love it, thank you a lot!

ajnabi1957 said...

Freaky! Great. Thanks.

Unknown said...

fucking amazing! thank you!!!!!


This one is is crazy good! It's pretty surprising to see how they deal with the lengh of the songs. I also dig the strange arabo new wavish prog pop feeling... Kind of addictive!

Holly said...

LOVE! Thank you :-)

peter said...

so glad everyone likes this one.. one of my favorites as well!

michael vee said...

killer track, luckily I save it in time before it dispeared from mixcloud! (any clue bout the year of recording?) thx for sharing!

Wermut said...

Heard the last track on your great mix with Discostan.
Any chance of a re-upload? In any case, thank you for sharing these wonderful tapes!

Anonymous said...

Pleeeeeeaseeee reupload if possible