Wednesday, July 27, 2011

khana kaeotalai: so ham nam thuam wang lung

artist: คณะ แก้วตาไหล (khana kaeotalai)
album: ซอฮ่ำน้ำท่วมวังลุง (so ham nam thuam wang lung)
01. ซอฮ่ำน้ำท่วมวังลุง (so ham nam thuam wang lung)
02. ซอปอยเข้าสังข์ (so poi khao sang)

this week, kaeotalai nonglong & his ensemble bring us some beautiful sounds of lanna! alexandra picked this one up for me on one of her trips to the north, and it's almost certainly my favorite recording of northern thai folk music. the recording is very intimate & raw; alot more engaging than much of the over-produced lanna music on the market. mr. kaeotalai (a.k.a. talai kanthachan) is from lamphun province and leads his ensemble on so fiddle & vocals. he is joined on side two by fellow singer ms. buanchan lintong, and together they are supported by a pi koy (small free-reed flute) and sueng (northern-style lute). a really exceptional recording, hope you enjoy!


Anonymous said...

awesome Peter! thanks!

Unknown said...

beautiful sounds. thank you for sharing!

tim abdellah said...

This is fantastic! Really enjoying exploring your posts! Many thanks.