Wednesday, December 22, 2010

latda siworanan: oh, thun kramom

artist: ลัดดา ศรีวรนันท์ (latda siworanan)
album: โอ้ทูลกระหม่อม (oh, thun kramom)
01. โอ้ทูลกระหม่อม (oh, thun kramom)
02. หัวใจมาร (hua chai man)
03. จักรวาลแห่งดวงใจ (chakkrawan haeng duang chai)
04. ลมรักลมลวง (lom rak lom luang)
05. หวานลิ้นกินตาย (wan lin kin tai)
06. พอกันที (pho kan thi)
07. ว่าแล้วเทียว (wa laeo thieow)
08. รอยรักรอยทราย (roi rak roi sai)
09. พลาดรักสิ้นหวัง (phlat rak sin wang)
10. มารชีวิต (man chiwit)
11. ฝันถึงน้องบ้างนะ (fan thueng nong bang na)
with นริศ อารีย์ (narit ari)
12. ผกาฟ้า (phaka fa)
with นริศ อารีย์ (narit ari)
13. โอ้บุพการี (oh, bupphakari)
14. รักนิรันดร (rak nirandon)

i tried my best to dig up some thai christmas songs this week, but this is as close as i got! though the cover may promise all the holiday cheer your heart could desire, the songs are a bit incongruous (to say the least), featuring titles such as "heart of the devil", "a sweet tongue will eat you to death" and "hopeless failed love". latda siworanan is a top practitioner of the bangkok blues sound, luk krung, with tasteful horns and jazzy rhythm section to back. so despite the dissapointment of promised yuletide themes, there should be enough schmaltz to keep everyone happy... merry christmas!!


Anonymous said...

Not sure if I've ever heard luk krung before, but I really love the preview song.

And that cassette cover is priceless -- with the red panties and childlike Santa creature. ;D

Merry Christmas, Peter! And thanks for all the great music this past year.

Á Go-Gojira said...

Merry Christmas, Peter!

This one looks really nice, and personally I find titles like "heart of the devil" and "a sweet tongue will eat you to death" somewhat suitable for the consumerist-fest that Christmas have become.

peter said...

thanks guys!
dave, i imagine you'd like luk krung... it owes alot to the 50's shanghainese 七大歌星 sound!

nicholab said...

awesome! that is one amazing cover.

Unknown said...

Dude! I got this cd in the chain store that sells lots of these, mae mai pleng Thai, I think it is. Not Christmasy at all but I dig it and the cover is priceless.

benji said...

Would you mind re-upping this one?