Tuesday, August 31, 2010

suang santi: 1 2 3 duan song thaeo

artist: สรวง สันติ (suang santi)
album: 1 2 3 ด่วนสองแถว (1 2 3 duan song thaeo)
01. 1 2 3 ด่วนสองแถว (1 2 3 duan song thaeo)
02. 4 5 6 ด่วนสองแถว (4 5 6 duan song thaeo)
03. เขาว่ามา (khao wa ma)
04. คนสุโขทัย (khon sukhothai)
05. หนุ่มหนองคาย (num nong khai)
06. เมาจนนึกไม่ออก (mao chon nuek mai ok)
07. รักตัวกลัวเมีย (rak tua klua mia)
08. บ้าพอกัน (ba pho kan)
09. 900 โรงจำนำ (900 rong cham nam)
10. 900 ความระกำ (900 khwam rakam)
sung by เตือนใจ บุญพระรักษา (tueanchai bunphraraksa)
11. ผู้ยิ่งใหญ่ ภาค 2 (phu ying yai, pt. 2)
12. เมาให้ลืมเมีย (mao hai luem mia)
13. น้ำมันแพงอีกแล้ว (nam man phaeng ik laeo)
14. น้ำมันมีน้อยใช้สอยประหยัด (nam man mi noi chai soi prayat)
15. เซ็นซิ (sen si)
16. หิ้วถุงปุ๋ย (hiw thung pui)
17. ควาย (khwai)

this week we've got a great tape from luk thung funk rock star suang santi! hailing from sukhothai, suang made his living as a boxer before joining with phiphat boribun & his band. after marrying bandmate namphueng boribun, he struck off on his own, first singing with siphrai chaiphra and finally mongkhon amatayakun's famous chularat band. suang pioneered a crossover style of luk thung and heavy funk rock which few others attempted, and won success not only with his own recordings but songs he penned for others, everyone from phanom nopphon to the royal sprites. sadly, suang was killed in a car accident in 1982 while on tour... this tape captures some of his last work, featuring a mix of straight funk tracks & few of his older hits redone in "talking music" style. enjoy!!


icastico said...

Check this if you haven't seen it.

peter said...

yup, same guy!
that album still to come...

øשlqæda said...

yes please. bring the album

nicholab said...

need it need it need it.

gilhodges said...

How do you like it? More, more more! Thank you Peter, thank you Owl-K-Doe (from NOLA, right?) and thank you Ghost Cap for pointing me back to good old Monrakplengthai.

gilhodges said...

Quick question Peter. I have now seen this gentleman's first name spelled Suang (here), Soreng (Zudrangma) and Sroeng (Finder's Keepers). Obviously you spell it Suang, but why the discrepancy? When I play his music on my radio show, I would assume you would advocate me spelling his name Suang on the playlist, yes?

peter said...

i think the confusion is due to the fact that you spell his name (in thai script) 's r w ng'.. the 'r' is silent and the word is written "suang" according to the royal thai system, and pronounced the same when spoken. more info here!

Anonymous said...

oh man this album rules

JamesL said...

great album! really awesome stuff. love the rock n roll and would love to see more of it on this blog!

thank you!

baby bear said...

Thank you so much, this is incredible!!! You probably already know thehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRDKDf7s_Sg original but if not...

peter said...

thanks baby bear!
i actually hadn't heard the hoyt axton original before.. a version by brownsville station seems to have been the inspiration for the numerous thai interpretations (judging by its ubiquity in thailand's second-hand record market)

Thomas said...

Just discovered this blog via a link on closet of curiosities and am very glad I did. Suang Santi is my favourite artist on the Thai Dai! compilation released by Finders Keepers a few years ago but it's very hard to find any of his other work. Is there any chance that you might be able to re-upload this cassette as I imagine that this album won't be pressed to vinyl any time soon. Great blog!

Unknown said...

thanks peter, is it possible to repost this amazing album ? the mediafire link is dead.

peter said...

new link is up now!

So What ?Di Khrap said...

T-T gone again
is this been re released or something?

If can re up would be amazing

Thank you very much