Monday, May 17, 2010

mai waenthip: 18 pleng yot hit

artist: ใหม่ แว่นทิพย์ (mai waenthip)
album: 18 เพลงยอดฮิต (18 pleng yot hit)
01. สาวนาขาดรัก (sao na khat rak)
02. บ้านนอกหลอกกัน (ban nok lok kan)
03. สาวใหม่รำพัน (sao mai ramphan)
04. แซวผู้บ่าว (saeo phu bao)
05. เอกอีสาน (ek isan)
06. ปวดหัวเพราะผัวเขา (puat hua phro phua khao)
07. อุ้มท้องไปกินดอง (um thong pai kin dong)
08. คอยหมอแคน (khoi mo khaen)
09. ถึงดังยังห่วงแม่ (thueng dang yang huang mae)
10. สาวเลยยังคอย (sao loei yang khoi)
11. คำเตือนเพื่อนสาว (kham tuean phuean sao)
12. อดใจไว้เรา (ot chai wai rao)
13. เข็ดจนตาย (khet chon tai)
14. เห็นแล้วใจอ้าย (hen laeo chai ai)
15. รอคำตอบพ่อ (ro kham top pho)
16. คิดถึงแม่ (khit thueng mae)
17. น้องจะคอย (nong cha khoi)
18. ชีวิตบ้านนอก (chiwit ban nok)

this week we'll have some plaintive songs from isaan.. mai, if her lyrics are to be believed, comes from loei province. i haven't been able to find much information on her, though i think she had a big hit with "sao loei yang khoi", track 10 on here.. i understand it was quite a tear-jerker. i found this one at a tape stall near the local bus station in khon kaen.. it had the misfortune of being purchased alongside one of the greatest tapes i've got, and consequently got a bit overlooked... but giving it a listen now, there are definitely some quite worthwhile tracks, a nice mix of luk thung and molam sounds. hope you will enjoy as well!


øשlqæda said...

some heady schtuff peter. the clip anyhow was quite worthwhile indeed. mang yr blog is so neat & today compared to my madness. was wondering if there's an easy way to include a preview in me posts like you do in yr fine blogue. can i get a witness? also have you had any trouble w/ the um multiupload thingy? okeh buddy, owl the best ~

peter said...

for the previews i just use the media player from gmail! here's how to use it! i store all the low bitrate mp3s for streaming in a "google sites" file cabinet! good luck!

peter said...

oh! and yeah! i've gotten some fine music from your site since that introduction, thanks so much!!!

Anonymous said...

Out of curiosity; which great tape could it be that shoved this temporarily into the darkness?

peter said...

an amazing one by monruedi phromchak.. will be posted soon!

Paul K said...

Thanks William, I was also curious about the "one of the greatest tapes i've got" comment?? ... but yep, those Monruedi Phromchak tapes ARE very nice. Thanks again Peter!! Cheers

Dolmance said...

This link was dead before I ever discovered your wonderful site. I've got one song by "ใหม่ แว่นทิพย์ , but I find it impossible to find more, and I've looked around quite a bit.

If you could ever see yourself to doing a reup on this one, I sure would be happy.

"ใหม่ แว่นทิพย์ is a wonderful artist.


peter said...

new link is up now!

el nejo said...

thanks for this amazing tape, Peter. since we got it from your blog, we have been playing it so many times the last years. cannot understand a word of it but singing along anyway!

thanks for all the other rips as well!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the new link, Peter! This is one of the best luk thung records I've heard and the quality is very good!

Anonymous said...

Hi loving this site, any chance of reup this again. Thanx for all the music