Wednesday, May 6, 2009

kha nam nom

singers: various
album: ค่าน้ำนม (kha nam nom)
01. ค่าน้ำนม (kha nam nom)
sung by พนม นพพร (phanom nopphon)
02. หยดน้ำนมหยาดน้ำตา (yot nam nom yat nam ta)
sung by ชินกร ไกรลาศ (chinakon krailat)
03. โอ้..บุพการี (oh.. bupphakari)
sung by ลัดดา ศรีวรนันท์ (ladda siworanan)
04. ครวญหาแม่ (khruan ha mae)
sung by สุชาติ เทียนทอง (suchat thianthong)
05. สามรัก (sam rak)
sung by ก้าน แก้วสุพรรณ (kan kaewsuphan)
06. โซ่ชีวิต (so chiwit)
sung by สมยศ ทัศนพันธ์ (somyot thasanaphan)
07. คุณแม่จ๋า (khun mae cha)
sung by พรทิพา บูรณกิจบำรุง (phonthipha buranakitbamrung)
08. พ่อกับแม่ (pho kap mae)
sung by พร ภิรมย์ (phon phirom)
09. แม่จ๋า (mae cha)
sung by พริ้ว แพรชมภู (phriw phraechomphu)
10. บวชแทนพระคุณพ่อแม่ 1 (buat thaen phra khun pho mae 1)
sung by ชัยชนะ บุญนะโชติ (chaichana bunnachot)
11. บวชแทนพระคุณพ่อแม่ 2 (buat thaen phra khun pho mae 2)
sung by ชัยชนะ บุญนะโชติ (chaichana bunnachot)
12. อ้อมอกแม่ (om ok mae)
sung by พนม นพพร (phanom nopphon)

with mother's day coming up (in america, that is.. in thailand it won't be til august 12th!) i thought it would be nice to post some old songs about moms. many of the tunes are by famed song writer ไพบูลย์ บุตรขัน (phaibun butkhan), whose work has been featured a number of times on this site. what's interesting is that most of these sweet, slow ballads extolling filial piety were released closely after his more counter-hegemonic anthems about class disparity, in order to curry favor with the censors of the military regime. nowadays they are probably best for currying favor with moms.. hope they work!

(the cassette you see pictured, in spite of its beautiful krishna & devika cover art, was of basically unlistenable quality, but i happened to have a similar collection on cd, so that's what you'll be hearing.. hope no one minds the discrepancy!)


peter said...

version ภาษาไทย

nock said...

Kha Nam Nom is one of my favorite songs. Great Mother's Day post!

Daniel Wallenberg said...

Great blog I will follow!


DJ Carl Hamm said...

this is such a beautiful cassette.... thank you so much for creating this amazing blog.. please keep it alive! i will check back often and hope to play many of these on the radio here... ps: also, i've linked to you on my sidebar...

great work!

dj c