Tuesday, April 14, 2009

yodrak salakchai: rap khrueng dieow

singer: ยอดรัก สลักใจ (yodrak salakchai)
album: รับครึ่งเดียว (rap khrueng dieow)
01. รับครึ่งเดียว (rap khrueng dieow)
02. หาเหาใส่หัว (ha hao sai hua)
03. แฟนเขาแฟนเรา (faen khao faen rao)
04. ข้าวซอย (khao soi)
05. ห่วงเพื่อน (huang phuean)
06. คิดถึงน้อง (khit thueng nong)
07. อยากๆ กลัวๆ (yak yak klua klua)
08. รักของคนใต้ (rak khong khon tai)
09. รอรักจากน้อง (ro rak chak nong)
10. มอญอาย (money)
11. ฮักสาวขอนแก่น (hak sao khon kaen)
12. ดึกแล้วลาก่อน (duek laeo la kon)

this week, a great album from late luk thung star yodrak salakchai! yodrak, from way up in phichit, was a sensation through the 70's, 80's & 90's (he even sang the theme to the tv version of 'mon rak luk thung'!), but finding his original albums in thailand today might be a challenge, as his passing last year triggered a massive nationwide sell-out (retrospectives of course, likely still abound!) i actually found this tape a week or so before the event, strangely enough, in chiang mai; though not home to a large luk thung fanbase, the record's local appeal may have been enhanced by inclusion of the song "khao soi", written about the city's fantastic 'signature dish'. the music on here is very lively & rock-influenced, featuring some blaring trumpet & nice, skittery organ work. enjoy!


peter said...

version ภาษาไทย

icastico said...

I like the groove on the preview.
Thanks for the chance to hear this one.

zsalai said...

Love the blog and the discovery of this music! can you upload this one again?!

peter said...

new link is up now!