Thursday, February 25, 2010

onuma singsiri: sao isan ro rak

artist: อรอุมา สิงห์ศิริ (onuma singsiri)
album: สาวอีสานรอรัก (sao isan ro rak)
01. สาวอีสานรอรัก (sao isan ro rak)
02. สาวอีสานครวญ (sao isan khruan)
03. คอยพี่ที่บ้านนา (khoi phi thi ban na)
04. คืนเดือนหงาย (khuen duean ngai)
05. สาวหมอลำช้ำรัก (sao molam cham rak)
06. สาวอีสาน (sao isan)
07. แม่ค้าส้มตำ (mae kha som tam)
08. รอวันพี่กลับ (ro wan phi klap)
09. ออนซอนเสียงซอ (on son siang so)
10. อรอุมา อะบานิบี (onuma "a ba ni bi")
11. อรอุมา พาเพลิน (onuma pha phloen)
12. สัญญารักที่ศาลาลอย (sanya rak thi sala loi)
13. ฮักอ้ายอีหลี (hak ai ili)
14. บ่ลืมพี่ที่ยโสธร (bo luem phi thi yasothon)
15. ลำเพลินเกี้ยวบ่าว (lam phloen kieow bao)
16. เต้ยริมโขง (toei rim khong)

a really great album this week, one of my favorites.. onuma singsiri's classic "sao isan ro rak". the lead single was a huge hit back in the day, though it's hard to find much information about onuma these days. i'm pretty sure she comes from khon kaen, and she sings all about isan. i think she actually was a molam to begin with.. she certainly seems capable of handling some of the associated vocal stylings! and though this album is mostly luk thung, there's also some solid lam phloen intermingling with heavy funk numbers, not to mention alot of nice so fiddle embellishments. i think onuma actually lives in tennessee now.. i wonder if she still sings!! (and yes, track 10 is a cover of israeli 1978 eurovision song contest winner izhar cohen & the alpha beta's "a ba ni bi") don't miss this one!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing these rare cassettes with us. I've noticed that one of the songs listed on the sleeve is missing (the second track on the A side "num Udon fak rak")

peter said...

oh yeah, sorry for my revisionism.. it's just a male copy-song of the lead track, and i couldn't establish the identity of the singer, so i dropped it! if you're really interested though, i'd be glad to upload it!

gojira said...

This one is really good!

I downloaded another version of this album with only 12 songs on it, and some of them different ones like a really smoking cover version of Boney M.'s "Rasputin"

peter said...

ah cool!
i had downloaded a version with 12 tracks as well, but they were all the same as here.. i'd love to hear any new tracks of onuma's, if you don't mind sharing!

gojira said...

Sure, here's the download link I used:

As far as I can tell there's only 2 songs that's different:
รัสปูตีนข้าวเหนียว (Rasputin)

So if you'd rather download only those two songs you can use this link:

peter said...

ah wow! thanks for these!
"sticky rice rasputin", that's something else!

gojira said...

If you still haven't found out the identity of the male singer on track 2 on the tape I can tell you since he's credited on the vinyl edition; it's อัศวิน ปิ่นเพชร (atwin pinphachen).

It's interesting how some songs like Rasputin was so popular in Thailand, I have seen at least 3 different Thai versions of that song now. I also have a great version of "a ba ni bi" (ฮ่วย อะบานิบี) sung by หงษ์ทอง ดาวอุดร (hongthong daoudon)

peter said...

ah, thanks so much for that singer's name! i had never heard of him before. i think the most ideal spelling would be "atsawin pinphet", if you're interested

yeah, it's funny how certain western songs crop up so often for thai covers! i have seen that hongthong daoudon record before, but have never heard! will it be appearing on your blog soon? i would still hear the original "a ba ni bi" playing around bangkok, even today!

also, i think that onuma's "rasputin" tune may actually be by a sound-alike singer... one of my friends got the single on 45, and the singer credited is นุชนารถ นันทนา (nutchanat nanthana)!
thanks again, gojirah!

gojira said...

thanks for correcting my transliteration of his name. i do not read or understand Thai myself so i'm dependent upon sites like or guys like you to help transcribe my records :-)

the hongthong album will be posted soon, and it's a great one too!

I have heard nutchanat nanthana's version of Rasputin and after checking it is indeed the same as the one I thought was by onuma. so i've only seen 2 Thai versions of the song after all.

Anonymous said...

Could someone please share original release date information for individual tracks?

peter said...

release date information is pretty nebulous territory for most older thai music, unfortunately!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I know. Not expecting perfection, but any info anybody has about any of these tracks, even if approximate (e.g., which tracks are from which decade) would be greatly appreciated.

Tom said...

I just found your blog trying to track down แม่ค้าส้มตำ after hearing it on a Sublime Frequencies release. First off, thanks for posting this album!!! I've been scanning through your other posts and, oh my god, this is my new favorite music blog! I'm terrifically excited to listen to all this stuff you've posted. Thanks an immeasurable amount for taking the time to post all of these awesome gems from your collection!

It also just occurred to me that I purchased a CD in Bangkok and maybe you would be interested in it? The group is called BlueMountainBoys and they play western-style country/bluegrass but sing in Thai. Bought it from the guitar player after listening to him play in Chatuchak market. Let me know if you'd like me to pass it along.

Thanks again!

peter said...

thanks so much for your kind words, tom! is this by any chance the guy who runs that whole country/bluegrass stall at chatuchak? i always look through his racks but had only seen american stuff. i'd certainly be interested in hearing the cd you mention, do you have mp3s you could send?
thanks again.

Tom said...

So now that I think about it, I bought the album from the banjo player. It's probably the same guy / group of people that run the stand you're thinking of because I remember there was a small rack of country CDs in his area. I think there might also have been leather clothing / boots in the stalls near his.

Anyways, I scanned the front cover and insert to include with the mp3s. Didn't scan the back, but the tags on the tracks are correct (i think). Great stuff here...lots of yodeling and yeehaws :)

Let me know if there are any problems with the link / files. Hope you enjoy the music as much as I do!

P.S. Yesterday I heard this awesome song on youtube, came to your blog immediately to search for the artist (ขวัญชัย เพชรร้อยเอ็ด) and HOLY CRAP you had it! This blog is an amazing resource. Thanks again!

Slutet Uppsala said...

Can you please up this album again? I really can't find it anywhere else, and I have fallen in love with "Mae Kha Som Tam". Thank you very much.

peter said...

new link up now!

André Ferreira Garcia said...

Peter, you've done a lot of good job in sharing this wonderful Onuma's album! I think i'm starting to become Onuma's fan...
And the tracks are amazing! Listening Atsawin Pinphet's Num Udon Fak Rak gives a peace of mind to the listener... and the entire album, as a trip around Isan, a bloody desire to know Northeasthern Thailand!
Suggestion: Don't let, please, sharing more thai LP albuns, and more Yodrak Salakjai. The only album posted on the site is more or less warped, too bad!
Good Job! Chokdee and Sawatdee Khrap!
Greetings from Brazil! - คำทักทายจากบราซิล!