Saturday, February 13, 2010

mo du maen maen

artist: 蘇民強, 方思造, 凍莉莉 + 明星音樂隊 (sou ming kiang, huang seu tsau, tong li li & the star band)
album: หมอดูแม่นๆ (mo du maen maen)
01. 算命先生 (sueng meng sing seng)
02. 天頂一隻鵝 (thieng teng tsek tsiah ngo)
03. 紡棉花 (fang mian hua)
04. 門脚一欉梨 (mung kha tsek zhang lai)

so bangkok is going a bit china-crazy as it gears up to celebrate the 2nd of its 3 new years (the gregorian new year back in january, chinese lunar new year, and thai solar new year, songkran, in april). chinese culture is a big influence in bangkok.. by some estimates, nearly half of native bangkokians have some chinese ancestry. for the past week, all around the city people have been hanging red lanterns, setting off firecrackers, burning joss paper, eating chinese food & candy. in the spirit of the festivities, i thought i'd share this great old sino-thai musical comedy album. the jokes are in a mix of thai and teochew dialect, worked around some classic chinese songs. hope you enjoy! and 新年快樂!


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