Saturday, February 6, 2010

khosit nopphakhun: ya long bangkok

artist: โฆษิต นพคุณ (khosit nopphakhun)
album: อย่าหลงบางกอก (ya long bangkok)
01. อย่าหลงบางกอก (ya long bangkok)
02. มาลี (mali)
03. ติ๋ม (tim)
04. ลูกสาวคนดัง (luk sao khon dang)
05. พี่จนน้องจาง (phi chon nong chang)
06. ดวงใจไร้รัก (duang chai rai rak)
07. รักสาวชาวทุ่ง (rak sao chao thung)
08. ปองสาวเหนือ (pong sao nuea)
09. น้ำใจชันน้ำตา (nam chai nam ta)
10. ดนตรี (instrumental)
11. รุ่งอรุณ (rung arun)
12. เพื่อแฟนเพลง (phuea faen phleng)
13. จากกันอย่าลา (chak kan ya la)
14. ใครสอนเธอให้เกลียดคนจน (khrai son thoe hai kliat khon chon)
15. คอยนางกลับนา (khoi nang klap na)
16. น้ำตาตกใน (nam ta tok nai)
17. หนุ่มตังเก (num tangke)
18. พบไม้งามเมื่อขวานบิ่น (phop mai ngam muea khwan bin)

this week we get some nice old luk thung, from the charming mr. khosit nopphakhun! khosit was born and raised in samut prakan province, right outside of bangkok. he spent his early years working on a coconut farm, boiling the sap down into palm sugar... a difficult job, but one which he later insisted was to thank for strengthening his lungs & giving him the high tone of voice which audiences so adored. he made his first recordings in the early 60's with chalong wutthiwai's "roeng napha fa bangkok" band, and after thun thongchai's estrangement from the legendary "chularat" band, khosit was called in to replace him. however, it wasn't until the recording of the lead single here, "ya long bangkok", that he really found his voice. with a little imagination, maybe you can hear the sugar-smoke in his singing, there's certainly a sad sweetness to his sound... enjoy!


Anonymous said...

hey pete, i really like this one!

hope bangkok is sweet!


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Hi, I just find yr blog, very fantastic!! but seem like yr dnld link is broken.

peter said...

thanks audreeeyyy!
and thanks j.c., download link seems fine to me, though.. hmm..

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I try it again today, its work now.

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