Monday, July 27, 2020

tik shiro: cho chaiyo

artist: ติ๊ก ชีโร่ (tik shiro)
album: โชะ ไชโย (cho chaiyo)
01. ไชโย (chaiyo)
02. อย่าทำเป็นเห็นใจ (ya tham pen hen chai)
03. ออกมาเต้น (ok ma ten)
04. มนุษย์ค้างคาว (manut khang khao)
05. ปล่อยเขาไป (ploi khao pai)
06. ทุนน้อย (thun noi)
07. หัวใจดีเด่น (hua chai di den)
08. อย่าไปคิด (ya pai khit)
09. มีเล็กน้อย (mi lek noi)
10. ยอมรับคนเดียว (yom rap khon diao)

this week, a classic '90s throwback! tik shiro (born manatsawin nanthasen) of khorat, got his start in high school as a drummer, moving between string-style groups in his hometown and khon kaen, until one (celebration) got picked up to back chanthana kitiyaphan, who brought them to bangkok. he then joined ploy, who performed behind the early grammy stars like chae danuphon and rewat phutthinan, before finally breaking out as a solo act. this cassette was his first album, released 1990, for n.t. promotion. besides spawning a number of hits that still get radio play today, tik also made a big splash for writing/arranging most of his own material (and performing vocals, 12-string, synth bass, drums and keyboards, as well!), which was apparently a bit novel for stars of the time. enjoy!

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