Thursday, July 9, 2020

rock salaeng: king kue tok sang

artist: ร็อคแสลง (rock salaeng)
album: กิ้งกือตกส่าง (king kue tok sang)
01. กิ้งกือตกส่าง (king kue tok sang)
02. หัวใจหมาวัด (hua chai ma wat)
03. อยากมีเมีย (yak mi mia)
04. คอยพี่ที่งานกาชาด (khoi phi thi ngan kachat)
05. มอเตอร์ไซค์ฮ่าง (motorcy' hang)
06. นักร้องคาเฟ่ (nak rong café)
07. น้ำตาคาราโอเกะ (nam ta karaoke)
08. มนุษย์เงินเดือน (manut ngoen duean)
09. สาวอุบลบ่สะออน (sao ubon bo sa-on)
10. งานบุญ (ngan bun)

this week, classic rock isan-style northeastern pop! rock salaeng was a project of teacher(/songwriter/producer) sanyalak donsi of ban salaeng thon school in buriram1. the group was assembled from his former students and pitched to topline-diamond records as one of many rock isan groups formed in the late '90s, following the runaway success of thai-khmer band rock khong khoi (see also: rock ah-yah, rock sadaeo, rock sadoet, etc.). this cassette from 2000 features their surprise smash "motorcy' hang" (sung by choet, who we sadly lost last year) alongside a mix of lesser-known numbers, and also happens to feature future star-producer sawat sarakham on guitar, phin and bass. enjoy!

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