Thursday, August 13, 2020

butsaya rangsi: nam ta dao

artist: บุษยา รังสี (butsaya rangsi)
album: น้ำตาดาว (nam ta dao)
01. น้ำตาดาว (nam ta dao)
02. ฝากรัก (fak rak)
03. พอกันที (pho kan thi)
04. กระซิบสวาท (krasip sawat)
05. หนองบัว (nong bua)
06. กล่อมวนา (klom wana)
07. ใกล้มือคว้า (klai mue khwa)
08. พรานรัก (phran rak)
09. สุดแท้แต่จะให้ (sut thae tae cha hai)
10. ฝนหยาดสุดท้าย (fon yat sut thai)
11. สั่งไทร (sang sai)
12. มัทรีร้องไห้ (matri rong hai)
13. ถิ่นไทยงาม (thin thai ngam)
14. ฉันไม่ชอบเดือนหงาย (chan mai chop duean ngai)
15. จากรัก (chak rak)
16. ฝากหมอน (fak mon)

this week, the bangkok big-band sound with butsaya rangsi! butsaya, of songkhla province in southern thailand, came to the capital to study at thammasat university, and joined a number of singing groups at schools and radio stations around the old city. she eventually joined the government public relations department band (later suntharaphon) and had a number of luk krung hits through the '60s, all while working her day job as a civil servant for various government agencies1. she lived for several years in myanmar (burma) with her husband who was the navy attaché to the royal thai embassy in yangon2. upon returning to thailand, she continued performing occasionally, until her health began to prevent her in the mid-90s, and she passed away in 2010. this cassette features some of her most memorable songs, in re-performances which seem to date from the 1970s. enjoy!

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