Friday, February 25, 2011

string lam doen: ratthaban yuk phatthana

artist: สตริงลำเดิน (string lam doen)
album: รัฐบาลยุคพัฒนา (ratthaban yuk phatthana)
01. รัฐบาลยุคพัฒนา (ratthaban yuk phatthana)
02. พี่ไถ น้องดำ (phi thai, nong dam)
03. หนุ่มนาข้าว สาวไร่ปอ (num na khao, sao rai po)
04. จอมตื้อบันลือโลก (chom tue banlue lok)
05. อีสานก้าวหน้า (isan kao na)
06. อีสานก้าวหน้า (isan kao na) [instrumental]
07. รออีกหนึ่งปี (ro ik nueng pi)
08. สาวชาวนาหนุ่มชาวไร่ (sao chao na, num chao rai)
09. นาพี่ นาน้อง (na phi, na nong)
10. ผัวแก่ เมียสาว (phua kae, mia sao)
11. หนุ่มนาหนาว สาวขาดรัก (num na nao, sao khat rak)
12. พี่ไถ น้องดำ (phi thai, nong dam) [instrumental]

kind of a strange one this week; from thongchan promotions, we've got 3 modern molam leaving their roots behind to try their luck with the international string style. from yasothon, we have the incomparable dao bandon! from the sam phalang sao group, phimchai phetphalanchai! and lastly, lam phaen star salak silathong rounding out this would-be lam doen supergroup. to be honest, though, the album is kind of a miss for me.. by this point, string had moved away from the blazing disco-funk sound of the 70's and taken up the stilted programmed rhythms & gated snares of the drum machine. the vocalists do acquit themselves admirably considering the material, and some people will surely find this an interesting entry into the molam catalogue. for me, it's evidence that thai supergroups can fall just as flat as the rest of the world's! see what you think!


Á Go-Gojira said...

This would be a good album if it weren't for the awful drum-machine. Did that machine really have only 2 sounds? Even the rhythm box on my cheap old electone organ is better :-)

peter said...

i agree completely!
i guess it must have been new & different when the record came out.. sure didn't hold up over time!