Friday, February 18, 2011

gunga din / narit ari

this week's post comes courtesy of ian nagoski, founder of canary records and a legend among collectors of shellac. don't miss his new compilation, "brass pins & match heads", or his upcoming 3 cd restrospective of music of the ottoman diaspora in new york city from 1912-1931, due out this fall on tompkins square.

artist: กุงกาดิน (gunga din) / นริศ อารีย์ (narit ari)
album: รักร้อนยิ่งกว่าแดด (rak ron ying kwa det) / สายลม (sai lom)
01. รักร้อนยิ่งกว่าแดด (rak ron ying kwa det)
sung by กุงกาดิน (gunga din)
02. สายลม (sai lom)
sung by นริศ อารีย์ (narit ari)

this record features the talents of thai sakon impresario nakhon thanomsap, performing here as his blackface alter-ego, gunga din. the number he turns in is a unique example of very early thai rock'n'roll, with a melody borrowed from jerry reed's 1957 tune "rockin' in baghdad". the b-side features bangkok crooner narit ari backed by mongkhon amatayakun's chularat band, with which both these singers were closely associated. nakhon thanomsap was credited with discovering & helping along the careers of a number of luk thung's early stars and is a tireless champion for the preservation of thai music from decades past. sadly, his own work is extremely hard to come across these days, possibly due to the politically incorrect nature of his "blacking up". anyhow, quite a find by ian... hope you all enjoy!!


øשlqæda said...

heart thanks

Anonymous said...

What a rarity! A big thanks to Ian!

icastico said...


Best of luck with the Haji Maji comp release as well.

Holly said...

Thank you!

tones said...

this is bizarre and great. thanks! love the brass pins comp and this blog.

JamesL said...

this is amazing! if you have any other rock'n'roll I'd love to hear it. been on an Indonesian and Thai rock'n'roll kick lately.