Thursday, February 10, 2011

fa thalai chon: original recordings

artist: various
album: ต้นฉบับเพลง ฟ้าทะลายโจร (fa thalai chon: original recordings)
01. ใครจะเมตตา (khrai cha metta)
sung by เลิศ ประสมทรัพย์ (loet prasomsap)
02. the last rose of summer
sung by marie rappold
03. ฝนสั่งฟ้า (fon sang fa)
sung by เพ็ญศรี พุ่มชูศรี (phensi phumchusi)
04. พรหมลิขิต (phromlikhit)
sung by วินัย จุลละบุษปะ (winai chulabutsapa)
05. งามชายหาด (ngam chai hat)
sung by เพ็ญศรี พุ่มชูศรี (phensi phumchusi)
06. ฟ้างามยามค่ำ (fa ngam yam kham)
sung by เพ็ญศรี พุ่มชูศรี (phensi phumchusi)

here's a quick follow-up to the last post... i don't usually post things i've compiled myself, but i thought some people might be interested in hearing the original versions of the tunes which were so expertly redone for the film fa thalai chon (or "tears of the black tiger"). most of these songs were recorded in the 1950's by the first wave of the suntaraphon stars and showcase the work of legendary composers like uea sunthonsanan, wet sunthonchamon, sane komarachun & others. i've also included a recording of the old irish tune on which the film's original song "kamsuan chan" was based.. the mp3 comes courtesy of ucsb's outstanding cylinder preservation & digitization project. hope you enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Wow... this is really cool! I'm looking forward to listening to the originals. :)

icastico said...

Thanks for the hard work. A true service.

Holly said...

Now this is awesome. Thank you very, very much!

peter said...

thanks guys.. i'm really glad to hear people are interested in this!

Anonymous said...

I just finished listening to these. I really love them, especially the ones by Phensi Phumchusi. "The Last Rose of Summer" was also a nice surprise and fit in quite well with the Thai songs. Thanks again, Peter!

peter said...

yeah, i think that melody was picked by the director, wisit, himself. he & his wife wrote the thai lyrics as sung in the film!

Brian Lucas said...

a great film...saw this in bangkok when it came out. great blog. i used to see old record stores in bangkok chinatown--should have explored them.

BF said...

Any chance you'd be able to update this link? I would love to hear these originals