Monday, July 3, 2017

maholan ngan buat, vol. 2

artist(s): various
album: มโหฬารงานบวช ชุด 2 (maholan ngan buat, vol. 2)
01. บวชนาคมหาสนุก (buat nak mahasanuk)
sung by ไวพจน์ เพชรสุพรรณ (waiphot phetsuphan)
02. เชิญร่วมขบวนแห่นาค (choen ruam khabuan hae nak)
sung by ชาย เมืองสิงห์ (chai mueangsing)
03. รำวงงานบวช (ramwong ngan buat)
sung by โฆษิต นพคุณ (khosit nopphakhun)
04. ดีใจลูกได้บวช (di chai luk dai buat)
sung by กาเหว่า เสียงทอง (kawao siangthong)
05. บวชนาคหมู่ (buat nak mu)
sung by ไวพจน์ เพชรสุพรรณ (waiphot phetsuphan)
06. แผ่นดินธรรมแผ่นดินทอง (phaen din tham phaen din thong)
sung by ไวพจน์ เพชรสุพรรณ (waiphot phetsuphan)
07. ยอดรักลาบวช (yotrak la buat)
sung by ยอดรัก สลักใจ (yotrak salakchai)
08. เห็นนาคโกนหัว (hen nak kon hua)
sung by ขวัญจิต ศรีประจันต์ (khwanchit siprachan)
09. หนุ่มน้อยลาบวช (num noi la buat)
sung by ยงยุทธ เชี่ยวชาญชัย (yongyut chieowchanchai)
10. เชิญมาทำบุญ (choen ma tham bun)
sung by ไวพจน์ เพชรสุพรรณ (waiphot phetsuphan)

with apologies for letting my post-ratio slide as of late, i'm happy to report that i've just got back from thailand with a stack of great acquisitions, as well as a beautiful nakamichi bx-150 cassette deck, so be sure to stay tuned for a slew of wonderful new offerings here in days to come! today, we'll hear the first of these recent finds: an excellent compilation of religiously-themed classics from a group of luk thung luminaries. big drums and a range of differing musical combos converge with star singers like waiphot, yotrak, khwanchit & the "man city lion" to bring about the exciting and convivial atmosphere of a thai buddhist ordination. enjoy!



Anonymous said...

first time posting here... just wanted to say i adore your blog, southeast asia is probably my favorite region in terms of their musical output and you have so many wonderful tapes here - thank you very much for your dedication! i just wish i'd have found it a few years sooner, since many of the older links are inaccessible now :(

Timmy said...

Very nice cassette. Thanx! Will be watching for the future posts............


download link ..