Sunday, July 23, 2017

daochai phaichit: ying kwa khatakon

artist: ดาวใจ ไพจิตร (daochai phaichit)
album: ยิ่งกว่าฆาตกร (ying kwa khatakon)
01. ยิ่งกว่าฆาตกร (ying kwa khatakon)
02. รักนี้สีดำ (rak ni si dam)
03. น้ำตาเปื้อนใจ (nam ta puean chai)
04. นิยายรักของฉัน (niyai rak khong chan)
05. อนิจจาใจคน (anitcha chai khon)
06. คุณจะรักใคร (khun cha rak khrai)
07. คิดว่าตายไปจากคุณ (khit wa tai pai chak khun)
08. ไม่เป็นไร (mai pen rai)
09. หัวใจว่างรัก (hua chai wang rak)
10. เปลืองตัว เปลืองใจ (plueang tua, plueang chai)
11. รักทรยศ (rak thorayot)
12. คนอะไรใจดำ (khon arai chai dam)
13. ปันหยีที่รัก (pan yi thi rak)
14. รักคนขี้เมา (rak khon khi mao)
15. คิดถึงแม่ (khit thueng mae)
16. รักหรือหลอก (rak rue lok)
17. พรุ่งนี้ไม่มีน้ำตา (phrung ni mai mi nam ta)
18. ฉันมิใช่ตัวสำรอง (chan mi chai tua samrong)

i recently had a request come in for some more music from daochai phaichit, and am happily in the position to fulfill it! miss daochai is said to have gotten her start in the suntharaphon big band (although there's some debate on that point), before striking off as a solo artist under the tutelage of songwriter sisawat pichitworakan. this cassette collects a string of her hits from the early 1970s, soft rock & soul ballads with some latin touches thrown in, many penned by the late winai runganan. enjoy!



Cellar said...

we miss your amazing uploads! please come back : (

Jerom said...

Gorgeous!! Thank you a lot!

Anonymous said...

Hi there.... I'm the one who has been trying to track down a particular Daochai cassette. I liked this one, and tried trawling through various youtube posts to find it and i found it but can't work out how to find and buy it. I'll try and post a link to the youtube song that is on the cassette, and see if you can help track it down. it is lime green in colour, and says '30'( which i assume is the number of songs) and '3' (which i assume is a particular volume). is the link (if it works)...

peter said...

thanks, Anonymous.. here it is on iTunes: