Monday, June 2, 2014

rungphet laemsing: fon duean hok

artist: รุ่งเพชร แหลมสิงห์ (rungphet laemsing)
album: ฝนเดือนหก (fon duean hok)
01. ฝนเดือนหก (fon duean hok)
02. กบจำศีล (kop cham sin)
03. กบคนองฝน (kop khonong fon)
04. เขาลืมเราแล้ว (khao luem rao laeo)
05. ปีหน้าพาเที่ยวกรุง (pi na thieow krung)
06. คืนฝนตก (khuen fon tok)
07. น้ำลงเดือนยี่ (nam long duean yi)
08. แล้วแต่วาสนา (laeo tae watsana)
09. ความรักเจ้าขา (khwam rak chao kha)
10. สงกรานต์บ้านนา (songkran ban na)

it's the sixth month of the year, the beginning of thailand's rainy period, so let's start it with rungphet laemsing's timeless song of the season! a native of phetchaburi province, rungphet got his start singing the songs of khamron sambunnanon while studying to be a combat medic. in 1961, as a royal guard stationed in bangkok, he fell in with phayong mukda's group, before defecting to samniang muangthong's ruam daokrachai band a year later. he became a personal favorite of legendary songwriter phaibun butkhan, who even set him up for a spot on the silver screen. when rungphet skipped his first movie shoot, however, phaibun lost face and broke off all relations with the singer, effectively ending his career. though his stardom may have been cut short, we still have these beautiful recordings from back in his prime. enjoy!



Holly said...

Very beautiful, thank you, Peter.

Dennis said...

Sublime music, thank you.