Thursday, June 26, 2014

kantruem mohai

artist: กันตรึมสุรินทร์ (kantruem surin)
album: กันตรึมโมฮาย (kantruem mohai)
01. กันตรึมโมฮาย (kantruem mohai)
02. สัตว์เซ้ (sat se)
03. เจิงปีร์ (choeng pi)
04. เปลญวน (ple yuan)
05. กระเชาะผมโปง (kracho phom pong)
06. อังแก๊บ (angkaep)
07. เชี๊บ ๆ (chiep chiep)
08. ซาระยัง (sarayang)

this week, some excellent old-style kantruem music from surin! while the dominant image of kantruem is the modern brand of produced pop-style material, there's a older living form (tang doem) that's often overlooked. the melody is carried by the fiddle here, too, but the rhythm section is all drums & cymbals, with male & female singers trading khmer-language vocals. the extremely generic name apparently given for this ensemble makes me think it's more likely that the folks at ligo just couldn't be bothered with discographical details. whoever these folks are, though, they've got their stuff together.. enjoy!



Anonymous said...

thanks, peter - love this tape! thanks for sharing

cheers, lucky

Hyde said...

amazing, thanks!

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