Saturday, March 15, 2014

rock khong khoi: sieow woi

artist: ร็อกคงคย (rock khong khoi)
album: เสียวโว๊ย (sieow woi)
01. เจิ๊ตเอ๋ยเจิ๊ต (choet oei choet)
02. เสียวโว๊ย (sieow woi)
03. ไอ้หนุ่มก่อสร้าง (ai num ko sang)
04. ตอบร็อกคงคย (top rock khong khoi)
05. ทานอเนียงนอ (ta no niang no)
06. เขมรอกหัก (khmer ok hok)
07. กลองยาวคงคย (klong yao khong khoi)
08. วอนวัยรุ่น (won wai run)
09. รักมีพิษ (rak mi phit)
10. เขมรพลิกคลวน (khmer phlik khluan)
11. ลำซิ่ง พอกันที (lam sing pho kan thi)

this week a classic from south isan.. sgt. khong michai & rock khong khoi! recording for pairot sound out of surin, the group was second only to the legendary darkie in the kantruem rock scene, selling over a million tapes along the thai-cambodia border. this cassette, their 1993 debut, introduced a blend of khmer lyrics, local pop rhythms & international rock sounds that set a precedent for a string of famous isan rock combos (rock ah yah, rock sadoet, etc.)¹. while any number of members have come & gone, khong still performs as rock khong khoi solo, with e.v.s. music & their lam sing rock isan band. enjoy!


Paul K said...

Is this the cassette version of the VCD/CD-ROM you posted a few years ago?

peter said...

hi paul, yes! i found the tape recently and thought the album was good enough to revisit. the tracklist is slightly different on the cassette version; they left off their eponymous song, and kept only the female answer-version.. not sure why.