Thursday, January 9, 2014

khana si pho

artist: คณะ สี่โพธิ์ (khana si pho)
album: พระนางผมหอม (phra nang phom hom)
01. ลิเกตลก เรื่อง พระนางผมหอม (like talok rueang "phra nang phom hom")
02. แข่งฟุดบอล (khaeng football)
03. ร้องเพลงคู่ เพลงแปลงอักษร เพลงโห่ (rong phleng khu, phleng plaeng akson, phleng ho)

this week, another old comedy album! [disclaimer: the primary draw here is in the wordplay, so enjoyment may be limited for non-thai speakers] there's practically no info about this group online, but i'm thinking they were affiliated with legendary comedian thep pho'ngam (recently in the news for his public retirement & possible expatriation to laos¹), seeing as their stage names are pho'ngoen, pho'thong, pho'kaew and pho'khwan (plus si mok). the first side of this cassette features a half hour of "modern" liké, featuring a sholay-sampling ok khaek. the second side has some mock football commentary, followed by a medley of novelty songs. enjoy!


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