Thursday, January 30, 2014

dontri chin prayuk

artist: the stylers
album: ดนตรีจีนประยุกต์ (dontri chin prayuk)
01. พบรัก (phop rak)
02. ลมโชย (lom choi)
03. ไก่ขับหาคู่ (kai khap ha khu)
04. เพลงรักทิวหญ้า (phleng rak thio ya)
05. ปักษาเบิกฟ้า (paksa boek fa)
06. นิจนิรันดร์ (nit niran)
07. มอบหัวใจให้เธอ (mop hua chai hai thoe)
08. แม่ยอดกะล่อน (mae yot kalon)
09. ดอกตู้เจียน (dok tu chian)
10. เลื่อนลอย (luean loi)
11. คนลวง (khon luang)
12. สะพานรัก (saphan rak)

happy lunar new year! in celebration, here's some "modern chinese music" from thailand! to be honest, i'm not 100% sure that this cassette is actually by singapore's the stylers, but i'm reasonably certain; it was part of a series in which every other volume is credited to them, so i'm just deducing. plus it sounds like them! with a mix of chinese instruments (erhu, yangqin, various flutes) and "modern" elements like electric guitar and synthesizer, the band runs through a set of instrumentals in typical stylers' style. the animal noises on the first track are especially pertinent, this being the year of the horse! enjoy it!!


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Timmy said...

Way to much polish to be The Stylers...
Besides, this isn't good. The Stylers were GREAT.