Tuesday, December 3, 2013

sunari ratchasima: klap khorat

artist: สุนารี ราชสีมา (sunari ratchasima)
album: กลับโคราช (klap khorat)
01. กลับโคราช (klap khorat)
02. ลูกชายลุงมา (luk chai lung ma)
03. ตำตาตำใจ (tam ta tam chai)
04. สาวโสด (sao sot)
05. สะใภ้สุพรรณ (saphai suphan)
06. ซาวด์ดนตรี กลับโคราช (klap khorat [instrumental])
07. เจ็บไม่รู้จบ (chep mai ru chop [instrumental])
08. แตกเนื้อสาว (taek nuea sao)
09. สัญญาคนซื่อ (sanya khon sue)
10. เจ็บไม่รู้จบ (chep mai ru chop)
11. ตัวไกลใจอย่าลืม (tua klai chai ya luem)
12. หัวใจบอดสี (hua chai bot si)
13. ซาวด์ดนตรี ลูกชายลุงมา (luk chai lung ma [instrumental])

this week, some early tracks from luk thung superstar sunari ratchasima! a song contest champion from age 13, sunari grew up in khorat where she worked in garment manufacturing before being discovered by local radio manager suksan hansa. after her first two albums (this cassette is the second) sold slowly, she was picked up by songwriter chonlati thanthong, with whose compositions she rose to fame. she was at the top of the charts for many years, landing roles on movies and television as well. she still performs today, and can even be seen in this year's country music comedy film "ruam phon khon luk thung ngoen lan". enjoy!


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This is great, Peter, thank you!