Thursday, December 12, 2013

phensi phumchusi: wihok hoen lom

artist: เพ็ญศรี พุ่มชูศรี (phensi phumchusi)
album: วิหคเหิรลม (wihok hoen lom)
01. วิหคเหิรลม (wihok hoen lom)
02. ขวัญของเรียม (khwan khong riam)
03. คนจะรักกัน (khon cha rak kan)
04. ไทรโศก (sai sok)
05. หนามชีวิต (nam chiwit)
06. ไฟเสน่หา (fai saneha)
07. กระจกส่องโฉม (krachok song chom)
08. เอื้องระทม (ueang rathom)
09. พ่อพระในดวงใจ (pho phra nai duang chai)
10. แม้ทะเลยังระทม (mae thale yang rathom)
11. นกน้อยในกรงทอง (nok noi nai krong thong)
12. บางปะกง (bang pakong)
13. เตือนใจ (tuean chai)
14. อยากมารักเขาเอง (yak ma rak khao eng)
15. อ้อมอกสวรรค์ (om ok sawan)
16. กล่อมวิวาห์ (klom wiwa)
17. ฟ้าเผยม่านทอง (fa phoei man thong)

phensi phumchusi, from phitsanulok, got her start early. she was winning local song contests from the age of 8 and made her first gramophone recordings at 12. in 1944, she was chosen to sing with uea sunthonsanan & the government public relations department band (later suntharaphon). she resigned from government service in 1952 to join her husband suwat woradilok's theatre troupe. five years later, they broke the military government's embargo to perform in china with writer & activist kulap saipradit (siburapha), and upon their return spent four years in prison as communist sympathizers¹. despite this, phensi's career barely took a hit; she was regularly chosen by the king to perform his own compositions and recorded countless popular standards, founded her own music school and held the title of national artist until her passing in 2007. this cassette features some of her work from the mid-60's; latin beats & luk krung ballads.. tasteful, jazzy accompaniment and even a xylophone solo here and there. enjoy!


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