Thursday, December 20, 2012

khana wang te: chai yen yen

artist: คณะ หวังเต๊ะ (khana wang te)
album: ใจเย็นๆ (chai yen yen)
01. ลำตัดใจเย็นๆ (lam tat chai yen yen)
02. ลำตัดอนิจจังสังขาร (lam tat anitchang sangkhan)
03. ลำตัดน้ำมาปลากินมด (lam tat nam ma pla kin mot)
04. ลำตัดกำเนิดกุมาร (lam tat kamnoet kuman)
05. ลำตัดสุกาษิตเตือนใจ (lam tat suphasit tuean chai)
06. ลำตัดเป็นหญิงแสนยาก (lam tat pen ying saen yak)
07. ลำตัดเป็นชายแสนลำบาก (lam tat pen chai saen lambak)
08. ฉ่อยบอกรักฝากใจ (choi bok rak fak chai)

at long last, our first entry of lam tat music!  traditional or folk music (especially in a form intended for local consumption, rather than the tourist market) can be a bit difficult to find in thailand.  recently, though, i spotted this tattered old tape on the street, and now i can finally share some of this great music with you!  lam tat, long since associated with thailand's central provinces, is in fact descended from malay islamic antiphon.  it typically features opposing male & female choruses, each led by a soloist who improvises lyrical barbs & double entendres in a "battle of the sexes" through wordplay.  the musical backing is no more than a frame drum & finger cymbals.  the ensemble here is the famed wang te group, led by national artist wangdi nima, who, i'm sad to say, we just lost this past june at the age of 87.  i think you'll agree that this tape is really wonderful, despite the decay at parts... and as an added bonus, mae khwanchit siprachan makes a special guest appearance!  enjoy!!


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