Saturday, September 17, 2011

khana phet ubon: sai naen na kaen

artist: คณะ เพชรอุบล (khana phet ubon)
abum: สายแนน นาแก่น (sai naen na kaen)
01. สายแนน นาแก่น ตอน 1 (sai naen na kaen, pt. 1)
02. สายแนน นาแก่น ตอน 1 (sai naen na kaen, pt. 2)

this week, a great album featuring the players of khana phet ubon! led by molam chalatnoi songsoem, the group is rounded out by leading lady chomsawai saenthawisuk & the lesser-known duangchannoi chianklon, all capable lam practitioners from ubon ratchathani province. this is an album of lam in strict voice & khaen configuration... the style featured is lam rueang to klon, a traditionally theatrical genre where the emphasis is on storytelling. needless to say, the story itself will be lost on non-isaan speakers (myself included).. but the music & voices should have little trouble holding the fascination of those unable to comprehend the words. enjoy!!


Roland Saint-Laurent said...

I'm a new visitor here (I found your site on WFMU's Beware of the Blog site), but I wanted to comment that, as someone who's new to Thai music, I love this blog and can't wait to start discovering more of this music. There's hardly any information in English available, so I love what you're doing here. Keep it up, it's fantastic!

Anonymous said...

ijust want to thank you for what you do, it is hard to be far away from home and finding oldies songs like this is HARD! i really appreciate your blog, so, thank you! please keep it up!