Monday, March 14, 2011

p. chalatnoi: lam chut suan sanuk thung kula

artist: ป. ฉลาดน้อย (p. chalatnoi)
album: ลำชุดสวนสนุกทุ่งกุลา (lam chut suan sanuk thung kula)
01. ลำชุดสวนสนุกทุ่งกุลา (lam chut suan sanuk thung kula)
02. ลำล่องเงินไทยมีค่า (lam long ngoen thai mi kha)
03. ป.ฉลาดล่องอีสาน (p. chalat long isan)
04. ลำล่องสาวลืมถิ่นเชียง (lam long sao luem thin chiang)
05. ลำล่องหาเมียให้เลือก (lam long ha mia hai lueak)
06. ลำล่องทำนายโลก (lam long tham nai lok)
07. ลำล่องเอิ้นน้องมาเก็บเห็ด (lam long oen nong ma kep het)
08. ลำล่องเมืองอีสานม่วนดี (lam long mueang isan muan di)
09. ลำล่องน้ำตกไหลจากซาอุ (lam long nam tok lai chak sa u)
10. ลำล่องซาอุเป็นชายอุกดิน (lam long sa u pen chai uk din)
11. ลำล่องอีสานแซบธรรมชาติ (lam long isan saep thammachat)
12. ลำล่องเตือนนักเรียน (lam long tuean nak rian)
13. ลำล่องสินค้าเจริญไว (lam long sin kha charoen wai)
14. ลำล่องรั้วของชาติจงปลอดภัย (lam long rua khong chat chong plot phai)
15. ลำล่องกรุงเทพแออัด (lam long krung thep ae at)
16. ลำล่องลากรุงเทพ (lam long la krung thep)

this week, some great ubon-style molam! mr. chalat songsoem, better known as p. chalatnoi, is one of the greatest molam to come out of ubon ratchathani, an authority on local singing & composition styles and a vital distributor of folk wisdom. although best known for his mastery of lam klon, this tape features mostly pieces of the related but less-common lam long style, notoriously difficult to perform. today he holds the title of "national artist" and teaches at khon khaen university. wonderfully sparse traditional voice & khaen, enjoy!


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musique said...

Great one! This lam long style seems to be cool, I like the different rhythms that happen between voice and instrument.

Anonymous said...

nice idea.. thanks for posting.

mmatt said...

This is fantastic! I searched monrakplengthai for khaen, and a plethora appeared; this one really hits the spots.
what vocalisms (reminds me of carnatic style) and khaen outpourings; I am grateful for your sharings, and grateful that your past posts are alive and well!

peace and continued enjoyment to you, Peter.

peter said...

thanks mmatt!
yeah i've been lucky with my file hosting services (compared to other blogs i know).. if you do find any dead links, though, please let me know & i'll try to get them back up right away.