Friday, June 17, 2011

chai mueangsing: sing thao khao wongkan

artist: ชาย เมืองสิงห์ (chai mueangsing)
album: สิงห์เฒ่าเข้าวงการ (sing thao khao wongkan)
01. สิงห์เฒ่าเข้าวงการ (sing thao khao wongkan)
02. ป. 4 ได้ขี่เครื่อง (p. 4 dai khi khrueang)
03. นั่งเครื่องไปซาอุ (nang khrueang pai sa u)
04. ลาแฟนไปแดนทราย (la faen pai daen sai)
05. เต็งซื้อรถโต๊ดซื้อดร๊าฟท์ (teng sue rot, tot sue draft)
06. พี่กลับจากนอก (phi klap chak nok)
07. รวยไม่ทนจนนาน (ruai mai thon chon nan)
08. หัวดีไม่มีเงิน (hua di mai mi ngoen)
09. เหล้าเปลี่ยนคน (lao plian khon)
10. รักจมที่พรหมพิราม (rak chom thi phrom phiram)

this week, a very special late-period album from the "man city lion"; luk thung veteran chai mueangsing! as the cover states, chai dedicates this particular cassette to "the hard-working thai people in saudi arabia", and as such, the lyrics are mostly devoted to external migration and the resulting pains of separation. as discussed here earlier, saudi arabia was a major destination for thai migrants in the 80's, until the blue diamond affair soured relations between the two countries. in addition to the lyrical content, the music features a few middle eastern flourishes... and of course there's the cover, with chai's face pasted onto king faid's bust. enjoy!


Holly said...

Thank you!

Any recent news re the Blue Diamond?

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Been enjoying your blog.
I have a question for you. Downloaded from torrents an album Damnern Kwian - Phummarin. Could not find any info on web except tracklist. Maybe you could help?
Found website
but things are not clearer to me. Thanks in advance

Unknown said...

Thanks for this! Very nice!

Anonymous said...


The download is broken, is there any chance of a new link? I would greatly appreciate it!