Thursday, August 5, 2010

thongsuk khamsombun & chumnum silapin lanna

artist: ทองศุกร์ คำสมบูรณ์ ชุมนุมศิลปินลานนา (thongsuk khamsombun & chumnum silapin lanna)
album: ดนตรี สะล้อ ซอ ซึง เชียงใหม่ (dontri salo, so, sueng chiang mai)
01. ลาวลำปางใหม่ (lao lampang mai)
02. สร้อยสนตัด (soi son tat)
03. กุมารทอง (kuman thong)
04. สร้อยแสงแดง (soi saeng daeng)
05. มอญรำดาบ (mon ram dap)
06. เขมรปากท่อ (khmer pak tho)
07. ปุ๋มเม่น (pum men)
08. ลาวกระแซ (lao krasae)
09. ดาวพระศุกร์ (dao phra suk)
10. รำวงลอยกระทง (ramwong loi krathong)

this week we've got some beautiful sounds from thailand's north! thongsuk khamsombun and his lanna artists' collective play in chiang mai local style, but unfortunately, there seems to be very little written about them online. i can tell you that thongsuk leads the ensemble with the pi koy, a small free-reed flute unique to the north, and is backed by salo (northern-style three string fiddle), the so (standard two string fiddle), and sueng (northern-style lute), as well as some nice percussion. the song selection is an interesting mix of local melodies, thai classical standards and newer folk-style pop tunes. i think this one is from the late 90's... it's too bad the players seem to have vanished just over a decade later! at least we have some great recordings.. enjoy!!


øשlqaeda said...

sweet sounds as owlwaze. i really dig that consistent cymbal beat with salo fiddles goin crazy over the top. i guess the pi koy leads the ensemble but w/o the other elements, it would hardly be as interesting :) what is the name of the cymbal [if it has one?] thank you very much

peter said...

hey øשlqaeda!
the name of the cymbals is ching! and yeah, i agree, despite the pi koy leading, the string instruments often steal the show: the flute didn't even make the cover!