Thursday, August 26, 2010

fine arts department band

artist: กรมศิลปากร (fine arts department band)
album: เพลงงานแสงเดือน (pleng ngan saeng duean)
01. งานแสงเดือน (ngan saeng duean)
ชาวไทย (chao thai)
รำซิมารำ (ram si ma ram)
คืนเดือนหงาย (khuen duean ngai)
02. ดอกไม้ของชาติ (dok mai khong chat)
ดวงจันทร์วันเพ็ญ (duang chan wan phen)
03. หญิงไทยใจงาน (ying thai chai ngan)
ยอดชายใจงาน (yot chai chai ngan yot chai chai ngan)
ดวงจันทร์ขวัญฟ้า (duang chan khwan fa)
บูชานักรบ (bucha nak rop)
04. เชิญชวน (choen chuan)
หล่อจริงนะดารา (lo ching na dara)
ยวน ยวน ยวน (yuan yuan yuan)
05. ซ่อมมาลี (som mali)
เธอรำว่างน่าดู (thoe ram wang na khu)
ยวนยาเหล (yuan ya lae)
06. ดอกฟ้าร่วง (dok fa ruang)
ตามองตา (ta mong ta)
ใกล้เช้าไปอีกนิด (klai chao pai ik nit)
ลา (la)

an interesting bit of history this week.. we've got an album from the thai government's fine arts department band, featuring their neo-classical ramwong style! a major event in the history of popular music in thailand, the ramwong (or "circle dance") was a sort of an engineered dance craze created during the phibun era by famed propagandist luang wichitwathakan & his fine arts department, intended to inject a bit of national pride into the imported dance steps (swing, rumba, cha cha cha, etc.) which had been sweeping the country. originally these ramwong were lively, sax-driven affairs, but by the time of this release we can see the fine arts dept. attempting to establish ramwong as being closer to classical tradition, thus the piphat and khrueng sai instrumentation. the ramwong still provides the rhythmic basis for a great deal of thai music today, and these very recordings can still be heard thorughout the kingdom on a number of national holidays. enjoy!!


Anonymous said...

I found your blog when I was trying to find some more information on Onuma Singsiri. I can't tell you how happy it made me to see that someone is blogging about this music in English. Thai music's fairly inaccessible to me since I don't know any Thai. Thank you so much, and I hope you continue blogging!

Dennis said...

Wonderfull, thank you. Most appropriate to play for the first time with the sun streaming in the window on what is our late summer public holiday.