Thursday, July 1, 2010

khana mai sak: kham mueang disco

artist: คณะ ไม้สัก (khana mai sak)
album: คำเมืองดิสโก้ (kham mueang disco)
01. อุ๊ยคำ (ui kham)
02. สาวมอร์เตอร์ไซค์ (sao motorcy)
03. หยุบมือกำ (yup mue kam)
04. คนสึ่งตึง (khon sueng tueng)
05. แก๋งเนื้อ (gaeng nuea)
06. ผักกาดจอ (phak kat cho)
07. บ่เกย (bo koei)
08. ฮักอ้ายซักคน (hak ai sak khon)
09. เมาตายห่า (mao tai ha)

about to head up north for a bit, so i thought it'd be fun to share some old northern tunes! khana mai sak is the band of kitcha manophet, brother of jaran manophet, the biggest name in lanna pop music and progenitor of the "folksong kham mueang" movement. while jaran's music displayed an acoustic american-style folk-rock sensibility, kitcha & his band were more interested in the bangkok "string" sound, derived from international disco & funk music. it's interesting to hear jaran's minimal, nostalgic ballads transposed to such a groove-oriented setting, replete with effects-laden electric guitar solos and some ghostly synth sounds. the second side of the tape features the same backing tracks, but with a chorus of kids [คณะ นกแล (khana nok lae)] taking over the vocal responsibilities (you can find that one in a separate file here). hope you enjoy!!


wa said...

I cannot believe there are no comments! this tape is seriously sick! Thanks so much for all of your efforts. I'd say that it's fairly certain I would have never found this if it were not for you.

S U P E R B !

Anonymous said...

madvillain sample on song 06. crazy!

peter said...

wow, really? which song by madvillain?

Tuatara said...

Agreed - brilliant stuff! Where's the CD!

Anonymous said...

its magic :)

Anonymous said...

aaaahhhh, wonderful !!!!!!!!!!!!!
please!! reupload !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Could you upload this again? Please! Thanks!