Wednesday, March 31, 2010

lung naep & his troupe: laap phet

artist: ลุงแนบ พร้อมชาวคณะ (lung naep & his troupe)
album: ลาบเป็ด (laap phet)
01. ลาบเป็ด, pt. 1 (laap phet, pt. 1)
02. ลาบเป็ด, pt. 2 (laap phet, pt. 2)

here's a crazy old comedy tape from lung naep & his troupe! lung naep, or narong kosaphon, is one of the first & greatest isaan comedians. he's a prolific songwriter as well; he's been writing hits since the 60's for the likes of phanom nopphon, samai onwong, nophadon duangphon, suang santi & many others. this album is a live recording of a 1994 performance.. the tape is called "spicy minced duck salad", and appropriately, the jokes are mostly food based, though there are also some routines mocking famous luk thung singers, as well as impressions of chinese & vietnamese songs. i wish i understood even half the jokes, but they must be pretty good if the receptive audience is any indication.. they are having a blast! hope you do too!


Boonsong said...

Great stuff. Thanks for this

Anonymous said...

this tape was a fucking disappointment.

Pattaya Girls said...

interesting to see that the cheap locally produced vcd's are rarely pirated.

Adrian said...

I just found this blog and am really appreciating it! lots of awesome stuff! onuma singsiri was a particularly exciting one for me, as i had previously heard one of her songs on the "Thai Pop Spectacular" compilation on Sublime frequencies. i'll continue to look regularly!


Jean-Marc said...

Fantastic job !!!
I really appreciate your efforts to make thai music accessible. It is a real pleasure.
Thank you...