Sunday, March 7, 2010

maitai uraiphon: ruam hit 16 pleng dang talap phet

artist: ไหมไทย อุไรพร (maitai uraiphon)
album: รวมฮิต 16 เพลงดังตลับเพชร (ruam hit 16 pleng dang talap phet)
01. คิดฮอดอย่างแฮง (khit hot yang haeng)
02. ดาวเคียงเดือน (dao khiang duean)
03. ให้เขาเป็นคนสุดท้าย (hai khao pen khon sut thai)
04. แฮงฮักแฮงชัง (haeng hak haeng chang)
05. คันเท (khan the)
06. คุณนายสวิส (khun nai swiss)
07. หัวใจจิ้งจก (hua chai chingchok)
08. เห็นเธอที่เยอรมัน (hen thoe thi germany)
09. หัวใจผู้ชาย (hua chai phu chai)
10. คนไม่มีสิทธิ์ (khon mai mi sit)
11. วันที่รอคอย (wan thi ro khoi)
12. หัวสักหัวข่วม (hua sak hua khuam)
13. พอเซแฟนช้ำ (pho se faen cham)
14. อยากอายจิ้งจก (yak ai chingchok)
15. ไหมไทยคนเดิม (maitai khon doem)
16. บักสิเด๋อ (baksidoe)

something a bit more contemporary than usual this week.. we'll hear from maitai chaitawan, who is topping the charts in thailand right now! this tape, however, is a compilation of his hits from a couple years back, mid-2000's i think, back when he was "maitai uraiphon". maitai is from khorat, and started out in doi inthanon's lam sing group. i think he's on gmm grammy now, so you can hear him every day on the radio.. interesting to hear his old stuff! plus check out this video of his concerts from back then (the song is track 16 on here).. fantastic liké get-up! enjoy!!



mr bonkers said...

Not really likay but morlam mu costume which was copied from likay at the start of the 1950's. The story is he had to leave Seang Issan after a dispute with another singer, has not done his career any harm though.

peter said...

ah thanks! had no idea there was a different word for the costume in this context.. & who was the other singer, do you know?