Wednesday, September 13, 2017

sunari ratchasima: thang sai mai

artist: สุนารี ราชสีมา (sunari ratchasima)
album: ทางสายใหม่ (thang sai mai)
01. รักเดียวใจเดียว (rak dieow chai dieow)
02. ถึงเวลาจะบอกรัก (thueng wela cha bok rak)
03. ทางสายใหม่ (thang sai mai)
04. สายเกินแก้ (sai koen kae)
05. ร้องไห้แก้ช้ำ (rong hai kae cham)
06. คอยวันเธอใจเดียว (khoi wan thoe chai dieow)
07. รักกันต้องให้เกียรติกัน (rak kan tong hai kiat kan)
08. ไม่ลืมโคราช (mai luem khorat)
09. ไม่ลืมกว๊านพะเยา (mai luem kwan phayao)
10. ทะล่อๆ (tha lo tha lo)

this week, we'll hear from one of luk thung's great sentimental balladeers, miss sunari ratchasima! hailing from nakhon ratchasima, sunari rose from local song contest champion to a national recording star. crafted for her full-bodied voice and impressive range, sunari's songs were particularly popular in the country's semi-professional café scene, where singers would invariable tackle one of her songs to prove their mettle[1]. this 1988 cassette from sure audio finds sunari in front of a synth-driven band, backed up by a team of songwriters like chiw phichit, chonlati thanthong, kong katkamhaeng and others.. even a famous indonesian melody finds its way here. enjoy!


Bird King Faisal Jewell the 1st said...

For a future post, can you please do Thai 60s Rock?

Hyde said...


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