Tuesday, December 22, 2015

honey sri'isan: won phi mi rak dieow

artist: ฮันนี่ ศรีอีสาน (honey sri'isan)
album: วอนพี่มีรักเดียว (won phi mi rak dieow)
01. วอนพี่มีรักเดียว (won phi mi rak dieow)
02. จดหมายย้ายที่อยู่ (chotmai yai thi yu)
03. พี่แดงใจดำ (phi daeng chai dam)
04. ส่วนเกินบังเอิญช้ำ (suan koen bang oen cham)
05. เลิกรักเลิกรอ (loek rak loek ro)
06. รักน้องต้องมีเหตุผล (rak nong tong mi hetphon)
07. รักสองแผ่นดิน (rak song phaendin)
08. รถดั้มทำเศร้า (rot dam tham sao)
09. คนเก่าเอาใจไม่เก่ง (khon kao ao chai mai kaeng)
10. พ่ายเขาเพราะเราจน (phai khao phro rao chon)
11. ยากมากที่เธอจะสงสาร (yak mak thi thoe cha songsan)
12. เขาไม่มาหน้าไม่บาน (khao mai ma na mai ban)

this week, to make up for a long absence, we've got a classic cassette from one of my personal favorite molam pop stars. honey sri'isan, from kalasin, was a big name in her home region before becoming known nationwide as a model (she was the first and only molam to appear as a cover girl for malai thai rath). this 1991 cassette contains the second of two albums she recorded for the bangkok-based thai-muslim imprint yanavy sound. with compositions by the legendary dao bandon and music by a. num phuthai & his band, pop molam doesn't get much better than this. sadly, honey died just a year after this album when her pickup overturned on the way back from a concert in sisaket. the location on the highway is still marked with a shrine where regular performances are held in her memory[1].



Dolmance said...

Thank you for this.

I get the sense that bad luck follows Molam stardom.

And what's "malai thai rath"

peter said...

hi dolmance!

yeah, it seems like touring was a treacherous business back in the day.

oh, and sorry, i suppose i should have explained "malai thai rath"; it's like a "swimsuit issue" of the national "thai rath" newspaper.

Hyde said...

every one of these is a gift. thank you.

kadao ton kao said...

Great to see you back around and especially with one of my favourite 90's Esan singer. It seems like the people of Kalasin are realy proud her talent, even my young Kalasin friends like her a lot. It's always quite surprising to find some Yanavy 90's molam tapes, some are really great. If I'm not wrong they also released Honey's first wonderfull tape (though it could be a re edition).

Timmy said...

This gal is Top Ramen........... MMMmmmmmmm
many thanx!

Anonymous said...


could you by any chance re-upload that one? wasn't sure if you'd notice if i asked on that page since it's so old. wonderful blog btw!

Anonymous said...

Peter, could you please re-upload thian mathurot: toei sao chan khon kao if you still have it? Thanks
You have a lot of requests haha