Monday, August 3, 2015

sarika kingthong: saen wang woet

artist: สาลิกา กิ่งทอง (sarika kingthong)
album: แสนหวังเหวิด (saen wang woet)
01. แสนหวังเหวิด (saen wang woet)
02. ทำพรือมันแล้ว (tham phrue man laeo)
03. แต๋วจ๋า (taeo cha)
04. ตัวอย่างเลว (tua yang leo)
05. นิราศรักพุมเรียง (nirat rak phumriang)
06. หนุ่มล่องซุง (num long sung)
07. หมอนข้าง (mon khang)
08. คิดเสียว่าตายจากกัน (khit sia wa tai chak kan)
09. ชีวิตสาลิกา (chiwit sarika)
10. รินดาที่รัก (rinda thi rak)
11. หัวใจจัดสรร (hua chai chat san)
12. ผ้าขาวม้า (pha khao ma)
13. เสียรักเพราะจน (sia rak phro chon)
14. บ้านพี่กินแกงขี้เหล็ก (ban phi kin kaeng khi lek)
15. ปีหน้าแต่งงาน (pi na taeng ngan)
16. หนุ่มสงขลาหารัก (num songkhla ha rak)
[tracks 13-16 sung by จักรพันธ์ ระวิพันธ์ (chakkaphan rawiphan)]

this week, southern-style luk thung from sarika kingthong! sarika grew up in chumphon, the daughter of famed nang talung puppet master chuliam kingthong. she was one of luk thung's first transgender stars, presenting a masculine image in both her physical appearance and through her lyrics, although her name and singing voice were female. according to wikipedia, at least part of her popularity involved debate over the singer's gender. sarika is memorable as well for the tribute she pays to her regional heritage, utilizing the paired-gong rhythms of the shadow theatre and plenty of southern dialect. really excellent.. enjoy!



L'Oreille Percée said...

You told me about her, great voice.

Timmy said...

very fine... thanx a lot!

LolaRadio said...

Thanks Peter!
I taped this song long long ago in Thailand and wondered if the first song was about a girl named Linda. But, so i thought, perhaps Rinda is a normal thai word meaning ...?

I didn't know that the singer was a girl. That makes this K7 even more special to listenm to. Thank you again!

peter said...

hi LolaRadio, thanks for the remembrances! in fact, it is a name, as you suspected (the song title is "rinda, my love") i think the name 'rinda' in thailand indicates a muslim heritage, maybe persian?

Hyde said...

cool, thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Peter, I enjoyed this album a lot.

Anonymous said...

Peter, could you please suggest me a blog with chinese pop music from the 70-90s? I just can't find any of them...

peter said...

hi Anonymous!
hm, your best bet might actually be with the indonesia-based blogger madrotter. check here for a listing of posts tagged 'chinese' on his site. it seems to contain a lot of the sort of material you might be looking for, though maybe more of a 60s-70s. for stuff from the 80s and 90s, i usually just visit youtube! :)
hope that helps!

peter said...

oh! i forgot to mention: be sure to check under the tags for 'hong kong', 'singapore', etc. too!

Anonymous said...

This is awesome (like everything that you post)! thank you a lot!!