Wednesday, October 22, 2014

khen dalao: kai phut kan

artist: เคน ดาเหลา (khen dalao)
album: ไก่พูดกัน (kai phut kan)
01. ไก่พูดกัน 1 (kai phut kan, pt. 1)
02. ไก่พูดกัน 2 (kai phut kan, pt. 2)
03. ลำมักโยนี (lam mak yoni)
04. ลำไล่พยัญชนะ (lam lai phayanchana)
05. ลำหลายภาษา 1 (lam lai phasa, pt. 1)
06. ลำหลายภาษา 2 (lam lai phasa, pt. 2)
07. คนกลอนมักอวด (khon klon mak uat)
08. ลำเกี้ยวสังหารคนแก่ (lam kieow sanghan khon kae)
09. ลำยาวโคลงการพัฒนา (lam yao khlong kan phatthana)
10. ลำพัฒนาการเกษตร 1 (lam phatthana kan kaset, pt. 1)
11. ลำพัฒนาการเกษตร 2 (lam phatthana kan kaset, pt. 2)
12. ลำล่องสลับเสียง (lam long salap siang)
13. ลำสันนิษฐานโลกกลม (lam sannitthan lok klom)
14. ลำล่องอดีตหลัง (lam long adit lang)

i was saddened to hear the news of molam khen dalao's recent passing, at the age of 84. hailing from ubon ratchathani province in the northeast, khen was a giant of isan music and named a national artist of thailand in 2000. showing musical inclination from childhood, he first began formal training in liké and puppet theatre at the age of 16, as well as informal instruction from his older brother in composing lam klon¹. often called a 'natural genius' for his lack of formal study, khen was considered a master of klon, and was beloved by audiences for his brilliant lyrical improvisations and off-colour humor, which he often performed in duet with chawiwan damnoen or his wife, bunpheng phaiphiwchai. on this cassette, however, it's only the man & his mokhaen. enjoy once more, the beautiful music and memories of molam khen dalao!


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