Tuesday, August 19, 2014

khana sanguan sin: banleng pong lang ngoen lan

artist: คณะ สงวนศิลป์ (khana sanguan sin)
album: บรรเลงโปงลางเงินล้าน (banleng pong lang ngoen lan)
01. แมงภู่ตอมดอก (maeng phu tom dok)
02. ตังหวาย (tang wai)
03. สาวชมหาด (sao chom hat)
04. ชากใบ (chak bai)
05. เกี้ยวสาวเข็ญฝ้าย (kiao sao choen fai)
06. ถอนกล้าดำนา (thon kla dam na)
07. แอ่วสาวภูไท (aeo sao phu thai)
08. ลำเพลิน (lam phloen)
09. เซิ้งบ้องไฟ (soeng bong fai)
10. เต้ยโขง (toei khong)
11. นางนาค (nang nak)
12. ไล่วัวข้ามกู (lai wua kham ku)

today we'll hear some fantastic northeastern grooves from the sanguan sin band! the xylophone-like pong lang, thought to derive from a signal instrument used by rice farmers, was adapted for ensemble by national artist plueang chairatsami. the sanguan sin group comprises a typical isan big band; drums, cymbals, phin, khaen, electric bass and of course, the featured instrument. another awesome dense and energetic tape of pong lang music.. enjoy!!



Timmy said...

Nice stuff. Thanx!

Hector Park said...

Thank you so much for sharing with the world these rarities I would never be able to listen to otherwise. Your efforts are greatly appreciated!

autumnmatter said...

really an amazing job you do here, thanks.

Anonymous said...

It's like a predecessor of all that electronic music stuff based on synths sequences. It's a real pearl. This stuff makes me dance and enjoy my time purely.