Wednesday, May 14, 2014

num phuthai: tam nan phin amata, vol. 5

artist: หนุ่ม ภูไท (num phuthai)
album: ตำนานพิณอมตะ 5 บั้งไฟแสน (พนมไพร) ภูไทตะไลล้าน ตอน 1 (tam nan phin amata, vol. 5; bang fai saen (phanom phrai) phuthai talai lan)
01. บั้งไฟแสน (พนมไพร) ภูไทตะไลล้าน ตอน 1 (bang fai saen (phanom phrai) phuthai talai lan, pt. 1)
02. บั้งไฟแสน (พนมไพร) ภูไทตะไลล้าน ตอน 2 (bang fai saen (phanom phrai) phuthai talai lan, pt. 2)

the rocket festivals are on in northeast thailand & laos! annual merit-making events on the cusp of monsoon season, bun bang fai most typically involve launching massive pvc pipes loaded with gunpowder into the sky, with judges awarding points based on distance and vapour trails. music & dancing are of course integral to the celebrations, and to this effect we have today's tape from phin maestro a. num phuthai. 2 cassette sides worth of non-stop (brek taek or "brake failure") jamming, with characteristic rocket sound effects for added atmosphere. enjoy!



tim abdellah said...

This is some non-stop festive jamming! And I love the occasional rocket sounds. Great post!

Luis Enrique Mendoza Hernandez said...

file no longer available :(